Online Shopping and use of Cash Cards in India

Published: 28th September 2011
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Life is made simpler with IT simplifying even simple time-consuming tasks not to mention complex chores as well. Imagine life without the Internet, without online shopping, and without online payment gateways. You can just visualize the consequences that may follow! Right from online ticket booking, buying mobile coupons, booking movie tickets, rock concerts, sports event tickets to buying TV prepaid vouchers, mobile tracking prepaid vouchers, making utility bill payments, donating online, and more, all happen in a matter of seconds. Yes, it is credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, and cash cards that facilitate transaction. When we speak about Cash Cards in India, there are lakhs of people who are availing the conveniences associated. But this concept is yet to attract the desired crowd. With increasing number of people becoming aware of the usage, use of cash cards in India is soon going to be equally popular like use of credit card.

One of the most selling products at retail stores or online is of course mobile coupons also termed prepaid vouchers, when it comes to mobile phone usage. There are numerous telecom operators in India; these do face stiff competition amongst themselves. Competitive rates are offered by almost all of the operators to draw the crowd. Aircel, Airtel, BSNL, Idea, Loop Mobile, MTNL, MTS, Reliance CDMA to Tata Docomo, Tata Indicom, Uninor, Virgin CDMA, and Vodafone you can get mobile coupons of all aforesaid telecom operators at online platforms. Besides mobile coupons, you can also get TV recharge prepaid vouchers at the same platform. What is the mode of payment that you generally go for? If you are still not a part of the users of online cash cards in India, you are only lagging behind. Create one and start enjoying secured transactions online. It is not only buying of mobile coupons but also online ticket booking and more other online shopping options that you can opt for using cash cards.

Mobile tracking prepaid vouchers are offered by Micro Technologies. Locating loved ones becomes easy with this technology. You can track the current position of a mobile phone, even when it is moving. In case the mobile phone is out of the local network, the roaming facility should be switched on; it is then that you can track the phone in roaming circles. The process does not require an active call. You can get mobile tracking prepaid vouchers at denominations of Rs. 99 and Rs. 250 from Micro Technologies.

Not all online platforms are one-stop shops where you can get prepaid vouchers, mobile coupons, book movie tickets, pay utility bills, make insurance premium payments, make online ticket booking, and more. Look for a one-stop platform, one that also provides cash cards; this will prove advantageous for you.

When it comes to online ticket booking, it can be related to booking of train tickets, flights, car rental, hotel accommodation, and more. At the aforesaid one-stop Online Shopping platform, you may come across the best deals. Online ticket booking thus happens to your advantage!

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